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This season has been a great one! Even though only half of the church has returned to regular service--many are hesitant to fellowship until we complete certain guidelines--we have seen more people giving their lives to Jesus in the past couple of months than last year! The zeal of a new believer is super contagious and lights a fire in every heart.

The book of Revelation has been an eye opener for everyone.   Next month we start our construction to expand the sanctuary! Even though we only have half the size, we are still packed in tight.

Also, the Lord has been answering prayers for more leaders to rise. If all goes according to plan and God allows, we hope to plant two more fellowships before the end of the year! One of our home group bible study leaders (Jose and Marisol) will be planting on the north side of the city which is called The Colosseum and our current worship leaders (Pako and Esther) will be planting in another city called Re-Birth. Please continue to pray for resources and open doors.  

Prayer Requests

1.  Continued safety for our family and church
2.  Open doors to evangelize (especially to the cartel)
3.  Leaders to be raised up and plant churches
4.  Our son's wife who is applying for her U.S. Residency
5.  Our youngest son Micah who heads off to bible College next semester

Your brother-in-Christ,