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April 26, 2021: This year has brought new exciting changes to the farm. We have finished the cabin building project and were finally able to host our first seminary module. The seminary program is a week-long intensive program every three months for four years. During the week-long course the men who are attending stay on the farm in the cabins. We provide housing and meals for the men while they study as well as clean their rooms and common areas. The men are asked to pay a small fee to help cover some of the meal costs and the cost of their books. Much of the running of the program is through private donations as we desire to keep the classes as cost effective as possible. Many of the attendees are here on scholarships provided by churches and other individuals. It is our desire that pastors and men in leadership are able to receive biblical teaching so they in turn are able to share the gospel accurately with others spreading the good news. Please keep us in prayer as we have another module scheduled to start May 31st. 
Another much needed update is that we are in the process of changing the roof on the hospitality house. This house is used for housing the seminary professors while they are teaching as well as various guests that we have had on the farm in need of housing. What a blessing to be able to fix this old leaky roof. At the same time, we are updating the end room on this building into a small mission's apartment. Throughout the years we have had need for housing of long-term missionaries or teachers here on the farm. Thankfully we will now have a place for them to live as they give their lives in service here on the farm.
One prayer request is for our teachers. Our American missionary Katie has been unable to renew her visa. The Colombian government has been very hard to work with since covid and is not allowing visas to go through. Please keep her in prayer as she searches for God’s plan in all this and for us as well as we think through how to best help the kids in our care without her teaching on the farm. She has been working with the same group of kids for the last 3 years and the transition will undoubtedly be a hard one.