"...As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you." - John 20:21
"...go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." - Matt 28:19

At CCF, we believe that every Christian is a "missionary". Every believer has been commissioned to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into a lost and dying world (Matt 28:29). It's been said, "We are a sent people, on mission with Jesus, to the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of the Father". Our heart is that as a local church we would gather together to worship Jesus in Spirit and in truth and be equipped by the teaching The Word. Then, that we would go into our community to share the gospel of Jesus.

Having said that, we also partner with several local organizations, "foreign missionaries" and individuals as they are pursuing their call to take the gospel to the Word. Below you can find links to some of the people, and organizations that we support as a church.

Missionaries: Ellen Cook, Director of Local Ministries
Mission Work: Sharing Jesus with youth in Clatsop County
Organization: Child Evangelism Fellowship
Information/Contact Info:
LEWIS & CLARK CHAPTER (Clatsop, Columbia & Tillamook Counties)
PO Box 894, Astoria, OR 97103 ~ Phone: (503) 325-7141

Missionaries: Ashley Postier
Mission Work: Sharing Jesus one cup of coffee at a time!
Organization: A Jesus Mission
Information/Contact Info:
W: https://www.ajesusmission.org/missionaries/ashleypostier/

Missionaries: Hassan, Stacy, Elijah, Micah & Noah Villegas
Mission Work: Coastline Acapulco, in Mexico, to minister to the community much in need of hearing the Gospel.
Organization: Church Plant
Information/Contact Info:
E: calvaryacapulco@gmail.com

Missionaries: Chris & Amber Rodriguez
Mission Work: Facilitating opportunities to share our faith through the sport of disc golf.
Organization: Eagles Wings Disc Golf
Information/Contact Info:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/eagleswingsdiscgolf/

Missionaries: Mike & Stacy Riffle
Mission Work: Planted church in slums of Turbana, Colombia, ministering to orphans, troubled youth & widows in Turbana & outlying regions.
Organization: Colombia Grace Foundation
Information/Contact Info:
E: colombiagracefoundation@hotmail.com Blog:http://colombiagracefoundation.blogspot.com/ FB:https://www.facebook.com/Colombia-Grace-Foundation-123655294346170/

Missionary: Coast Pregnancy
Mission Work: Ministering to women & men in the community who find themselves expecting a baby.
Organization: Pregnancy Resource Center
Information/Contact Info:
W: https://coastpregnancyclinic.org/

Missionary: Jeff & Sonja Stewart
Mission Work: Sharing the gospel to those in need of Jesus in France.
Organization: LaVigne Missions
Information/Contact Info:
W: www.lavignemissions.com/

Missionary: Send Hope
Mission Work: Making a Difference for Jesus in India for 25 years
Organization: Send Hope Now
Information/Contact Info:
W: https://www.sendhopenow.org/


Missionary: Shawn and Christena Werdebaugh
Mission Work: Reaching a generation for for Christ in Slovenia.
Organization: Josiah Venture
Information/Contact Info:
W: https://www.josiahventure.com/people-and-places/country-teams/3870

Missionary: Harvest Mission
Mission Work: Reaching the Unreached in North India & Nepal
Organization: Harvest Mission
Information/Contact Info:
W: http://harvestmission.org/

Missionary: Yuvraj Singh Jaswant, student
Mission Work: Student at Bridge of Hope School
Organization: Gospel
Information/Contact Info:
W: https://www.gfa.org